Saturday, October 6, 2007

How To Choose A Yahoo Domain

Before You Start
Before you choose a domain name you must have a business model and know your target audience. Also, think about what makes you special on the market?
Keyword Rich Domain Names
Should you choose a keyword rich domain? Many people think that its important to choose a keyword rich domain. A keyword rich domain looks like Keywords in domain name are important but you must find one without any hyphens and at the same time make is short.
Domain Names With Hyphens
The idea behind selecting a domain name with hyphens is to separate the words in the domain name as most search engines cant read the words if they are written together. But, today search engines have become so advanced that it is not giving much importance to the domain name.
If you want your visitors to come back then choose a domain name which is easy to remember and which sticks to their heads. It doesn’t matter if the domain name have no keywords the point is to choose a brand name.
A domain name without any hyphens looks more professional and easier to remember. Hence a domain name with hyphen is not at all recommended.
Short Versus Long Domain Names
People tends to forget domain names which are long. So stick with a short domain name.
Top Level Domain Name Selection
If you are targeting your local market then choosing a domain name with your country code is better. For e.g if you have a shopping site which is targeting U.K then you must choose a domain name. Also in that case you must choose a web host from your country itself which boosts your search engine rankings.
Now if you select a regional domain then make sure you register its .com extension if it is available and point that domain to your regional domain name. This is important as people forget the true extension your domain they assume that your domain is a .com.
Also, its important to add your address to your website so that you get a ranking boost when people add country name to their searches.
Buying Multiple Domain Names
Register additional domain names that matches your business and then point that to your website. You can try,, all points to
Where to register a Domain Name?
I register my domains at Yahoo! Domains as it is one of the best domain name registrar. Yahoo! charges only $1.99 for the first year after that its $9.95/yr. and yes of course you can change your registrar after one year if you are not satisfied with their service. But I bet you wont have to do that.